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Superior quality management from factory to market

Our manufacturing and quality management processes are fine-tuned, disciplined, and documented from start to finish.
Gigatek’s global project managers possess top-notch technological leadership skills and experience. In addition to demonstrating a commitment to beating deadlines and exceeding quality expectations, we provide documented and insightful client communications.
Our accountability and responsiveness derives from:
.Demonstrated attentiveness to client requirements
.Ability to communicate the impact of design and process change
.Dedicated Engineering Resources that manage projects in both the development and
  manufacturing phases
.Concurrent engineering and technical teamwork to support R & D efforts
.Disciplined quality management systems
We adhere to the following organizational
quality management programs:
.ISO-9001 (qualified since 1997)
.IECQ HSPM QC 080000 (qualified since 2008)
.Quality Management policy
.Production and Quality Control process
.Incoming Quality Control
.Sub-Contract Control process
.In-Process Quality Control
.Final Quality Control process
.Outgoing Quality Control process
.Reliability test activity
.Customer Complaints Control process
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