Hear what makes us great – straight from our customers
  • Josh B
  • Engineering Director

Our company has been a design house for the past 39 years, and 12 years ago we decided to make our own products. We have been experts in the RF engineering field, but manufacturing was new to us. We started working with GIGATEK and they provided the manufacturing expertise we needed. GIGATEK has always been very flexible to work with, and provides a level of support required to be successful in a competitive and ever changing marketplace. We have always been extremely happy with GIGATEK’s services. Their account manager is very engaged and stays on top of the details to help a project from the development stage (prototype builds, alternative components, design for manufacturing, etc), through verification and validation prototype runs, into full production. GIGATEK has a strong team to support us through cost down activities, customer quality issues, component obsolescence, and manufacturing improvements. Additionally they are proactive and provide detailed information and ongoing improvements throughout the manufacturing process to enhance our new products. GIGATEK is a trusted partner and I appreciate their long standing relationship and dedication to ensuring our company’s success.

  • Philip R. Van Ee
  • Director of Operations

Our company has been designing and selling computer hardware since 1993. Every early on we met GIGATEK at an electronics show. We were a rather small company at the time so many contract manufacturers did not want to work with us because our volumes were too low. GIGATEK said they would and we have used them ever since. I’ve heard stories from business contacts about struggles or conflicts with their contract manufacturers. I can’t relate. We’ve been with GIGATEK for almost 3 decades. We have never had any conflict with them. When we had to update, change, redesign a product or when we create a new product GIGATEK is very helpful and proactive. They help to ensure everything transitions smoothly and efficiently. GIGATEK is one of the rare vendors you never have to worry about. I appreciate their honesty, the personal relationship they’ve cultivated with us and high quality work. They are a very important and valued member of my team.

  • Johnny MK
  • President

Our company has been extremely happy with GIGATEK as a critical supplier. They are attentive to detail and spend a significant amount of time up front making sure designs and parts lists are correct and providing feedback to help improve the product. They deliver product on time and react quickly when we need additional supplies above and beyond forecasted needs. They are a true OEM partner with state of the capabilities and a team that is dedicated to making sure we have everything we need with regular follow-up.

  • Joel A
  • Vice President

Our company has been an assembler of customer rechargeable battery packs for over 35 years and has been sourcing printed circuit board assemblies to support demand for our designs. In 2011 we chose to move away from a single source for PCBAs and develop alternate sources to reduce risk and cost. In 2012 we were introduced to GIGATEK. The GIGATEK team immediately showed us they could be a strategic partner by offering technical expertise during the design and development phase, providing production flexibility and having a clear understanding of what it means to provide excellent service to their customers. GIGATEK is always proactive in project management and has provided the necessary support to meet the demanding needs of the markets that our company serves. I have been fortunate to visit GIGATEK on several occasions and have been impressed by the continued facility improvements and the personnel we interact with. We are extremely grateful for the continued support we receive from top management, account management, engineering, production and the entire GIGATEK team. GIGATEK is a valued and trusted, strategic partner to our company and we look forward to continuing to develop our successful mutually beneficial relationship.

  • Michael G.
  • CEO

Our company makes audio entertainment products and our customers demand high performance and trouble-free operation. We like working with GIGATEK, because they take care of mass production and let us focus on design and marketing. GIGATEK is a large and highly reputable manufacturing partner with a strong engineering team and modern assembly process. We are especially impressed with their quality philosophy and work ethic. Their engineers work hard to make our products more manufacturable. They help to improve production yields by reviewing our prototypes and making suggestions at design stage. This reduces the number of prototype runs and helps to ensure high yields, and trouble-free production. GIGATEK engineers meticulously evaluate every component in our products and even measure chemical content to ensure full compliance with International regulations, such as WEEE and ROHS. This gives us confidence that our products are ready for the global markets. We have worked with a number of contract manufacturers and can positively recommend the team at GIGATEK because they are highly focused, knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. We cannot recommend GIGATEK highly enough.

  • Bob E
  • President

Our firm has been associated with GIGATEK, Inc. for more than seven years, and it has always been an outstanding experience. Everyone we work with at GIGATEK is professional, experienced and helpful. They make our jobs easier and are one of best suppliers with whom we work. The attention to detail and to the needs of the customer at GIGATEK is world class. We would highly recommend GIGATEK to anyone in the industry.

  • Tom L.
  • Quality Manager

I have had the opportunity over the past 4 years to work closely with GIGATEK, having them provide their services in delivering PCBA’s for our products. This has been a very beneficial arrangement for us as their staff is very engaging and proactive for any requests that we have made of them. We use their products extensively and are very satisfied with the results that we have seen. Their account manager has helped to develop strong lines of communication to assist us with all aspects of the product ranging from addressing any purchasing matters, engineering assistance and customer quality concerns. I appreciate the efforts and involvement that they have shown and look forward to continuing this relationship with our company in the future.

  • Hiroshi A.
  • Engineering Department

当社は3年前にUL508 規格に適合した産業用制御機器を製造できる会社を探していたときに、GIGATEK社と出会いました。 GIGATEK社には強力なチームがあり、大量生産のプロセス設計や品質改善など、様々なサポートが可能です。 私たちは初めてUL認証製品を製造しましたが、GIGATEK社の非常に柔軟な対応により早急な製品立ち上げが可能でした。 今私たちは新規製品プロジェクトについて開発段階から、検証および検証プロトタイプの実行、量産までのプロジェクトをGIGATEK社と協力して進めているところです。 GIGATEK社は英語、中国語、日本語と多言語に対応が可能で対応も早いため、引き続き良好な関係を構築したいと考えています。

We started working with GIGATEK three years ago when we were looking for a company that could manufacture Industrial Control Equipment fulfilling requirements of UL508. GIGATEK has a strong team and can support various processes such as process design of mass production and quality improvement. Although we manufactured UL certified products for the first time, GIGATEK ‘s flexible yet, accurate advises and actions enabled us to launch products on time. Even more, they can support English, Chinese, and Japanese with quick response all the time. We are now working with GIGATEK on a new project, from the development stage, all the way to mass production, and we hope to continuously develop good relationship with GIGATEK.

  • Thomas H
  • Senior Sourcing Manager

GIGATEK is an exceptional contract manufacturer, who repeatedly provides high quality products and exceptional customer support. They exemplify what it means to be a trusted partner—striving to create shared value through transparent and fair negotiations. Over the past several years, GIGATEK remains a valued supplier that continues to deliver on their promises.

  • Jacob Graham
  • Production Launch Manager

"GIGATEK Inc pride themselves on being more than just an electronic PCB manufacturer, they are a dedicated team providing excellence in Engineering Services and Quality Management which has helped me succeed in my career and develop World class cutting edge products."

  • Junko A.
  • Sales Department

弊社は小さな会社ですが、常にモノづくりを志しています。 GIGATEK社とは系列会社を通し、20年以上の付き合いがあります。 GIGATEK社と直接仕事をするようになって5年が経過いたしました。 現在、製品の製造を依頼しておりますが、たとえ少量の注文であっても丁寧で確実な仕事をしてくれます。 部品が調達できない時は、代替品を探し提案してくれます。 スタッフは誠実で、非常に付き合いやすい方々です。 GIGATEK社の仕事は経験と誠実さに基づいており、弊社にとって信頼できるビジネスパートナーです。 近い将来、大きな案件でGIGATEK社と一緒に仕事できることを楽しみにしています。


Our company may be small, but we always aim for the highest quality of product possible. Our relationship with GIGATEK as an affiliate company trace back for over two decades. We have been working together directly for five years now. Currently, GIGATEK are our contract manufacturer to manufacture products. Even our orders are small compare to their other customers but we still get the excellent service and high quality goods. When a component cannot be supplied for some reason, they search for and provide alternatives. GIGATEK staff’s earnest efforts in their service that makes us very happy to work with GIGATEK, their account managers and engineers are easy to work with. We trust them based on their honest and experiences . We consider them as a trusted business partner and we will continue to work with them closely with more big projects.

  • Steve Bake
  • Manager, Modules Operations

I am in charge of the Module Operations in Duluth, GA for Murata Electronics. I have been working with GIGATEK as our EMS for the past 12 years. They have a very professional, attentive staff that goes beyond the normal managing of our products manufacturing, with great attention to detail. They will offer advice with their many years of EMS experience that can help reduce qualities errors in the future, with the design of our modules.

GIGATEK has a top notch manufacturing facility that produces thousands of modules for us each month, many different varieties. They consistently deliver on time and respond quickly to changes or Customer Pull-Ins. Their Quality is top notch, with minimal Quality issues in the past 12 years and they are competitively priced. They are also very helpful with solutions to problems we have. For example, we have a Customer that was making changes on a new product with a very aggressive schedule. GIGATEK was instrumental in helping with these changes, helping with the design of the box layout, plastic mold injections and cable assemblies. The help GIGATEK supplied was instrumental in us delivering product on time to our Customer that had a very aggressive schedule. The Customer did an audit on the GIGATEK facility and gave it high rankings. This is just some of the extra value add that GIGATEK does for us.