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Your Strategic Partner for OEM Engineering Support

Gigatek provides Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with value-added, outsourced engineering services.
Our electronic and mechanical engineering support throughout the product lifecycle helps OEMs reduce costs and extend their in-house growth potential.
We create custom resource-staffing plans to overcome unique product engineering challenges. From major or minor changes, we have the ability to enhance your product design and guide it from concept to completion.
Additionally, we can supply teams of dedicated engineers to provide unlimited technical support for evolving OEM needs. This allows OEMs to concentrate on their core competencies and products.

As domain experts in component engineering and assembly, we proactively suggest layouts, processes, and materials that will strengthen your products and/or reduce their cost of production. We have a long history of beating product development deadlines while meeting all product performance requirements.
Our capabilities include:
Dedicated personnel for each project Concurrent engineering and technical teamwork
BOM, drawing, and AVN review Substitute Part recommendations
Mechanical and electronic engineering support Engineering run and pilot run services
PC board layout services Tooling design review
Technical SOP and testing review Ongoing product technological support
Our engineering services produce clear-cut cost savings through favorable economies of scale and domain expertise.
In addition to providing engineering services, Gigatek also offers the long-term benefits of a close-knit, trustworthy and flexible OEM engineering support partner.

Contact us about your next OEM or ODM initiative.
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